Cruise Line Accident

Charlie took his family on vacation to the Caribbean on a well-known cruise line. He was attending a show in the ships theater. Prior to the show, Charlie went up on stage to take some pictures. There were no signs posted prohibiting passengers from going on stage. As he climbed up the steps and turned left to go onto the stage, he fell 6 feet into the orchestra pit causing him to fracture his right elbow. Obviously, the hole was such that it could not be seen as both the stairs and the pit were painted black. The lighting was very poor.

Charlie was in excruciating pain. He was examined by the ship’s doctor and an IV was started. X-rays of his elbow were required. Pain medication was given. He was monitored and later his right arm was put in a sling. Due to the limited medical resources onboard the ship, Charlie was advised to seek treatment by an orthopedic physician at the next port of call, which he did. More X-rays were taken which revealed an epicondylar fracture to the right elbow. Clearly the ship failed to warn Charlie and all the other passengers of the danger.

If injuries are sustained, Attorney Jim Brady and Associates recommends keeping precise documation of your injuries. Charlie contacted Attorney Jim Brady for a comprehensive case evaluation. A successful claim was brought against the cruise line and monies were recovered on Charlie’s behalf to compensate him for his pain and suffering, lost wages and medical bills incurred for this significant injury.

Pedestrian Accident

Early one winter morning John was leaving the coffee shop. As John was about to enter his car, he was struck from behind by a snow plow and thrown eight feet into the air.

John was taken to the hospital and put under anesthesia to assess his injuries. He suffered multiple fractures to his right patella, right tibia and fibula, he fractured his right and left ankles, along with multiple abrasions and bruising throughout his entire body. Both legs were casted. John was eventually transferred to a rehabilitation facility where he spent a number of weeks recuperating. John had a very difficult recovery and incurred over $60,000.00 in expenses.

Attorney Jim Brady put the case into suit and attachments were place on the drivers real-estate. After multiple depositions, the driver accepted responsibility for the injuries. A successful claim was brought against the insurance company and the case was settled immediately prior to trial. Monies were recovered on John’s behalf to compensate him for his medical expenses, pain and suffering and his loss of enjoyment of life.

Passenger Suffers A Herniated Disc - Requires Surgery

Ann was a passenger in a vehicle that was struck from behind at the intersection of Washington Street and Clarendon Street in Boston.

She felt immediate pain in her lower back. Later in the day Ann went to the emergency room because of increased pain which began to radiate down into her right hip and knee. Ann did a course of physical therapy with no relief. We suggested that she seek the opinion of a back surgeon at the New England Baptist Hospital. An MRI revealed a large herniated disc at L4-5 that was impinging on the nerve and she was immediately scheduled for surgery. She did well after surgery.

If injuries are sustained Attorney Jim Brady and Associates recommends keeping a good record of the pain, you are suffering and keeping track of your medical records and bills. A successful claim was brought against the insurance company and the case settled in mediation. A significant amount of money was recovered on Anne’s behalf to compensate her for her medical expenses, pain and suffering and the loss of her enjoyment of life.

Driver Fractures Arm In Automobile Accident

T-Bone Car Accident.jpeg

Linda was on her way to work traveling southbound on Route 1 in Sharon, Massachusetts. Suddenly and without warning, another vehicle attempted a left hand turn from a public parking lot heading northbound on Route 1. She t-boned Linda’s vehicle.

Linda felt immediate pain in her right wrist, neck, back and right shoulder and was transferred from the scene by an ambulance to a local hospital where she was treated and released. She was eventually diagnosed with a complex fracture of her right wrist and had two surgeries to fix the problem.

The insurance company was attempting to settle the case for substantially less than the policy limit, but after extensive negotiations, we were able to successfully collect the full amount of the insurance policy for our client.

If injuries are sustained Attorney Jim Brady and Associates recommends contacting us to assist you through this difficult process. With over 33 years of experience, we will get you an outstanding result.

Nursing Home Malpractice: Accidents & Injuries

Nursing Home Malpractice: Accidents & Injuries

The “sandwich” generation is the new term coined for persons who are taking care of their children and their elder parents at the same time and typically in the same home. It has become a very common family scenario in America. Adding to an already stressful situation is realizing that a parent needs more care than you are able to provide and a nursing home is unavoidable. Unfortunately with so many nursing home neglect and abuse cases in the news, it’s hard not to worry about accidents and abuse happening while your loved one is under someone else’s care.