Safeguarding Your Kids in The Digital Age

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8 tactics for safeguarding your kids in the digital age.

Psychologists suggest:
Keep the dialogue open. Ask kids at dinner what websites and social media they visit, what apps are hot, what their friends like on YouTube.
Keep repeating: “Nothing you post is really private.” Tell kids to never post pictures or comments they wouldn’t show you.
Establish some safety rules:

* Never send personal info or photos to strangers, or arrange a face-to-face meeting
* Immediately leave a site with disturbing images or hateful material
* Beware of contests, free giveaways, people who try to turn you against friends or family
* Never click on a link in an email unless you’re expecting it.

Watch for social bullying. Ask kids if anyone’s harassing them online. Look for changes in disposition. Bullying is as bad online as in person. Follow up with the perpetrator’s parents and school.
Be a role model. Don’t want kids checking phones at the dinner table? Don’t do it yourself.
Set up “screen-free times.” Schedule blocks of time away from electric devices.
At night, put all electronics in a designated place, not bedrooms. Screen time delays bed times.
Nothing beats parental supervision. Let kids know you’re checking their texts, social media, gaming, websites, streaming, everything. Then do it. It’s OK-you’re the parent.

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