Buying Or Selling A Home In 2018?

Planning on buying or selling your home in 2018? 
For many it can be an emotional and sometimes difficult experience. Here is some advice to make the process less worrisome.

For Sellers:

Prepare your home. Make necessary repairs and get your home move-in ready.
Prepare your mind. Remove sentimental and emotional value and try to see it as a place to live.
Make your home available to show during the day. Making your home accessible will lead to a quicker sale.

•Clear the clutter. Sell, donate or toss anything you can live without.
•Update the interiors. Update appliances and freshen the paint.

If selling your home is in the future:
•Upgrades. Kitchen and bathroom upgrades bring higher sales. Keep receipts for tax time.
•Save energy. Install energy efficient windows, replace old furnaces and water heaters. Insulate and upgrade with energy efficient appliances. These also bring tax credits and lower utility bills.
•Maintenance. Keep up with routine maintenance to avoid expensive repairs later. The better condition your home is in the faster it will sell.

For Buyers:

Plan ahead to save time and money. If you sell your house before finding a new one use your realtor to help find a short term rental.
Get Pre-Approved. This helps zero in on properties that best fit with your financial situation.

Buying smaller?
•Don’t overlook a fixer upper. The money from your sale may cover costs to fix up a bargain.
•Consider paying cash. Use the cash from your sale and keep your mortgage small.
•Try before you buy. Rent in the area you are interested in living before buying.

Looking larger?
•Shop for your home while your current home is on the market.
•Create a list of must haves to narrow down the search.
•Consider other locations where you may get more home for your buck.