Mobile Banking & Safety

If you like new technology and the convenience it can offer, then using a mobile banking App to deposit checks into your account is a real time saver. More and more banks are adding it to their list of services and encouraging customers to do as much banking online and by phone as possible. Depositing a check by simply taking a picture of it is as simple as it sounds and here are a few tips to keep your information safe.

Keep your phone Safe. If your phone is stolen that person now has all of your personal information including access to your bank accounts. Never lay your phone down in a public place when you are not using it. Put it back into your purse or pocket as soon as you are done.

Keep your information safe. If you are going to use a phone for mobile banking you must password protect everything. That means a password to get into the phone and then a separate password for the banking app. Never create a password containing birthdates, anniversaries or personally significant dates and numbers. Hackers check these first.

Possibly the most important thing to know is never do any online or mobile  banking using public or free Wi-Fi. By doing so you are essentially sending out all the information kept private on your phone into the hands of anyone who might want it. Keep your transactions to secure locations that are password protected like your own home.

When making a mobile or online banking transaction, go directly to the website or App belonging to that bank. If you use a link from a text or email you may be subjecting yourself to a phishing scam and a phony site set up by thieves.

Mobile banking is a great convenience and you should not shy away from using it. Once you get into the habit of following the safety precautions, it will be quick and efficient.