Injury From A Car Accident: Should I Hire A Lawyer?

Let’s say you were the passenger in an accident involving another car. The drivers are covered under their insurance but if you are badly injured are you sure what you are entitled to or who’s insurance covers what?

Do you really need to get legal help? The answer is most definitely yes.

It can be confusing and sometimes difficult filing a passenger claim because most likely the driver is a friend or family member.

In these cases though, as an injured person, you need to think of your health and safety first.

Our experienced team has the resources to navigate multiple insurance companies, hospital bills, police reports and handle the paperwork involved in complicated cases.

Timing is also important. If you wait too long between the accident and filing the claim without valid explanation your claim will be contested and in the end create bigger losses for you.

Often it is not clear who may be at fault in an accident and if both drivers are blaming each other.  It is very important that you have a lawyer who is focused on getting you what you need. Serious injury often leads to loss of work, years of physical therapy and the possibility of psychological treatment on top of medical bills.

Getting help also affords you the expertise of a team that know what questions to ask insurance companies and witnesses, to obtain a complete picture of what happened when the accident occurred.

At the time of the accident the commotion of emergency vehicles, passersby, confusion and fear impair your ability to try and do this on your own.

While feelings may get hurt and emotions run high you need to put your needs first and secure your future.

As the process begins it is important to remember that these cases can take time. Continue to work on healing and be patient.

Many people are injured in car accidents but your injuries and experiences are unique to you. Choose to be handled with care and respect and by people you can trust.

 We at Attorney Jim Brady and Associates have handled thousands of motor vehicle cases over the past 32 years.  Please call us if you need help.