Slip & Fall Cases: What To Do

You have your list and head out to get some groceries, on your way through the produce aisle the unexpected happens, you fall. The floor was wet.

Of course this was unintentional, l but there are precautions that should have been taken by the business to prevent this from happening. What should you do?

First get someone to find management, as well as determine if an ambulance is necessary.
Unfortunately even falls that seem like nothing at the time, can turn into major pain a few days later.
Second, take pictures if you can, notice if there were mats and warning signs.
Third, ask anyone that witnessed the fall for contact information.
Yes, its embarrassing to land on the floor in public but this was not your fault. It is not necessary to jump up and act like everything is O.K. when it is not.

Tomorrow your sourness may keep you from work, and that results in lost wages. Later in the day you miss your scheduled class and now this fall is really affecting your lifestyle. Medical bills start right away because its important to make sure nothing is broken. All of these things pile up to create a feeling of pain, debt and unfairness.

Slips and falls are nothing to ignore. Protect yourself from the start.
You need an experienced slip and fall attorney that knows how to prepare for settlement or try your case in court.