Nurse Falls at Work Causing Injuries to Back and Knee

Julie, a Registered Nurse, was helping a patient get back into bed. She got a hoister lift and while positioning the lift, she fell forward causing injuries to her left knee and back.

She immediately went to the emergency room and was told she had a contusion of the left knee and lumbar strain. She was given an adjustable cane and informed to follow up with her physician. Julie’s doctor referred her to physical therapy and prescribed a muscle relaxer for her back. She started physical therapy, but her back pain persisted. Her physician gave her an anti-inflammatory medication and told Julie that she needed to remain out of work. Julie had a second opinion with a physiatrist due to low back pain and leg pain. The physiatrist recommended injections for her back.

Julie contacted Attorney Jim Brady for a case evaluation. Her ongoing back and leg pain prevented her from returning to her position. A claim was filed for Social Security Disability benefits and benefits were awarded. She also received a significant lump sum settlement from the worker’s compensation insurer.