Carpenter Injured On The Job

Doug was employed as a union carpenter and was using Baker Staging approximately 12’ high, when it fell over and he went down with the staging, landing on his head and shoulder and lost consciousness. He was rushed by an ambulance to the hospital. He sustained a laceration to the left thumb, right shoulder rotator cuff tear, C6-7 disc protrusion and a closed head injury. He was later discharged and informed to follow up with his physician.

Doug went to his PCP and following his examination, he was provided referrals for a physiatrist and an orthopedic doctor. The physiatrist opined that he would benefit from trigger point injections for the right shoulder. Doug agreed and the injection was completed. Doug went to the orthopedic for ongoing right shoulder pain. The orthopedic surgeon reviewed the MRI and determined that he would need arthroscopic shoulder repair. Following surgery, Doug continued to experience ongoing right shoulder pain and headaches. He was referred to a pain clinic. During the consultation at the pain clinic, it was noted that Doug was also suffering from severe depression as well as chronic pain. Doug started treatment at the pain clinic and was referred for counseling for depression. The inability to return to work was difficult for him.

Doug contacted Attorney Jim Brady for case evaluation. Doug’s significant significant injuries to his right shoulder and head prevented him from returning to his position as a union carpenter. A claim for Social Security Disability benefits was filed and benefits were awarded. Doug received a successful lump sum settlement from the workers compensation insurer as well as a third-party settlement as a result to this construction site accident.

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