Cruise Line Accident

Charlie took his family on vacation to the Caribbean on a well-known cruise line. He was attending a show in the ships theater. Prior to the show, Charlie went up on stage to take some pictures. There were no signs posted prohibiting passengers from going on stage. As he climbed up the steps and turned left to go onto the stage, he fell 6 feet into the orchestra pit causing him to fracture his right elbow. Obviously, the hole was such that it could not be seen as both the stairs and the pit were painted black. The lighting was very poor.

Charlie was in excruciating pain. He was examined by the ship’s doctor and an IV was started. X-rays of his elbow were required. Pain medication was given. He was monitored and later his right arm was put in a sling. Due to the limited medical resources onboard the ship, Charlie was advised to seek treatment by an orthopedic physician at the next port of call, which he did. More X-rays were taken which revealed an epicondylar fracture to the right elbow. Clearly the ship failed to warn Charlie and all the other passengers of the danger.

If injuries are sustained, Attorney Jim Brady and Associates recommends keeping precise documation of your injuries. Charlie contacted Attorney Jim Brady for a comprehensive case evaluation. A successful claim was brought against the cruise line and monies were recovered on Charlie’s behalf to compensate him for his pain and suffering, lost wages and medical bills incurred for this significant injury.