Jackson Family Hit In Car Crash On The Way To Depart For Family Vacation

A friend picked up the Jackson’s to take them to the airport heading for vacation. While on the Southeast expressway, the Jackson’s vehicle was struck from behind forcing the car to spin and strike a jersey barrier. The force of the impact caused Mr. Jackson’s seat to buckle and break. He was extremely shaken up. He felt immediate pain in his ribs and back from the seatbelt. EMS arrived and it was thought Mr. Jackson may have fractured some ribs because the pain was so intense. He could not breath easily. The ambulance transported Mr. Jackson to a local hospital where x-rays showed displaced fractures of the 9th and 10th ribs. The pain was so intense it was was difficult for Mr. Jackson to breath.

The Jackson’s vacation was ruined as well as his holidays. He was confined to a reclining chair for over a month as it was too uncomfortable to sleep in his bed.

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