Low Speed Car Accidents Do Damage Too

While in the course of his employment, Jack Brown was stopped at a light on Main Street in Worcester, MA when he was struck in the rear by an inattentive driver (texting) in a commercial truck. Mr Brown anticipated the crash in his rear-view mirror and held tightly onto the steering wheel. The force of the impact bent the steering wheel, but otherwise caused very little damage to his car.

Mr. Brown felt immediate pain in his neck, back and right shoulder and was transferred from the scene by ambulance to a local emergency room where he was treated and released. Several days later the pain increased. Jack was diagnosed with a right shoulder joint separation and a muscle spam. He treated conservatively with physical therapy, but eventually he had arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder as there was a complete tear. Unfortunately, Mr. Brown continued to have pain in the right shoulder. He also had a series of injections in his lower spine to relieve pain. Mr. Brown was out of work for a considerable amount of time and worker’s compensation benefits were awarded on his behalf.

Unable to reach an agreement with the insurance company, a suit was filed and the cased was readied for trial. The insurance company took the position that this was a miner fender bender with no visible damage to his car asserting that Mr. Brown would get little or nothing from the jury. As the trial date approached, the defendant requested to mediate the case. A substantial recovery was obtained at the mediation on Mr. Brown’s behalf, recovering funds to cover his lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of his life. This was anything but a so-called “frivolous” lawsuit.

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