Nurse Injures Back While Transferring A Patient

Ann worked as a nurse in the Emergency Room at a Boston hospital. While moving a patient from a bed to the operating room table, she felt an immediate pull in her back, left leg and left ankle.

She was diagnosed with sciatica and was given pain medication. She was advised to remain out of work. Anne was diagnosed with an L2-3-disc bulging, a broad central herniation at L3-4 and a broad disc bulging irritating the L3 nerve roots. She attempted to return to work, but was unable to continue her position as a registered nurse.

Nurse Connor was awarded long-term disability benefits and we were able to secure Social Security Disability benefits on her behalf. In light of the same, it made perfect sense to settle her workers compensation claim as she was suffering from a dollar for dollar offset of benefits between long-term disability, Social Security and workers compensation benefits. By eliminating the workers compensation benefit via a lump sum settlement, Nurse Connor was able to increase her monthly Social Security benefit and put away a nest egg for herself and family. We settled this workers compensation case and she received a significant amount of money.

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