Passenger Suffers A Herniated Disc - Requires Surgery

Ann was a passenger in a vehicle that was struck from behind at the intersection of Washington Street and Clarendon Street in Boston.

She felt immediate pain in her lower back. Later in the day Ann went to the emergency room because of increased pain which began to radiate down into her right hip and knee. Ann did a course of physical therapy with no relief. We suggested that she seek the opinion of a back surgeon at the New England Baptist Hospital. An MRI revealed a large herniated disc at L4-5 that was impinging on the nerve and she was immediately scheduled for surgery. She did well after surgery.

If injuries are sustained Attorney Jim Brady and Associates recommends keeping a good record of the pain, you are suffering and keeping track of your medical records and bills. A successful claim was brought against the insurance company and the case settled in mediation. A significant amount of money was recovered on Anne’s behalf to compensate her for her medical expenses, pain and suffering and the loss of her enjoyment of life.