Police Officer Injured In Car Chase Suffers Knee Injury

While in pursuit of a suspect, Police Officer Thomson and several fellow officers were able to box the suspect in with their vehicle behind him. The suspect accelerated his vehicle causing Officer Thompson’s car to spin out of control. The force of the impact caused Officer Thomson’s knee to twist and went into a varus position causing immediate pain. Officer Thomson was diagnosed with a torn medial meniscus with an associated Baker’s cyst related to the rotational injury. Our client ultimately needed surgery to repair the injury. He then followed with a course of physical therapy. Officer Thomson missed approximately 8 weeks of work due to this injury.

We recovered the policy limits available from the defendant’s insurance company and also made a successful recovery from Officer Thomson’s own underinsured policy.

If injuries are sustained, Attorney Jim Brady and Associates recommends keeping precise documentation of your injuries. Officer Thomson contacted our office and we were able to successfully recover monies for lost wages, medical expenses and the loss of enjoyment of life on his behalf.