Workers Compensation: New Luxury Apartments Complex Brings The Pain

Steven was employed as the Director of Engineering at a large apartment complex. As he was approaching a large metal gate, the wind blew the gate. Steven raised his arm to block the impact, but the gate struck his right shoulder and elbow.

Steven went to Urgent Care and x-rays confirmed no fractures. He continued to have ongoing pain and followed up with an orthopedic surgeon. The physician examined Steven’s shoulder rand elbow and informed him that he wanted an MRI of the right shoulder. He informed Steven that the right elbow was dislocated and he referred him to physical therapy for the elbow. The MRI of the right shoulder confirmed adhesive capsulitis and subacromial impingement. The physician ordered physical therapy for range of motion and stretching for the adhesive capsulitis. He also administered an injection in the right shoulder. Steven started physical therapy and returned to his physician’s office. The pain persisted and surgery was recommended. Steven underwent surgery for his right shoulder. Following the surgery, he had pain in the right should and numbness in the hand. Steven was referred to another physician for treatment of the right elbow.

A nerve conduction study was ordered and revealed right ulnar neuropathy at the elbow. Steven underwent surgery for the elbow. At the time of his post-operative follow up, he informed the physician there was no change since the surgery. The physician discussed undergoing another procedure, however he could not predict what the outcome may be. Steven elected to have a second opinion by another physician. He was informed that the surgery was an option, but again was told there was no guarantee of success and the chances of improvement were minimal. Steven did not proceed with additional surgery and he continues to experience numbness and tingling of the right arm.

Steven contacted attorney Jim Brady for a case evaluation. Steven’s injuries prevented him from returning to his position. A claim for Social Security Disability benefits was filed and benefits were awarded. Steven also received a significant lump sum settlement form the workers compensation insurer.

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