Worker's Leg Gets Crushed By 500 lb. Granite Slab

Richard’s leg was crushed when a 500 lb. block of granite fell and pinned his leg while twisting his right foot.

Richard was brought to the emergency room and an MRI was ordered for his right ankle and foot. The results were bone contusion and effusion in the tibiotalar joint. He was discharged with pain medication, provided an equalizer boot and informed to elevate his ankle. The was referred for pain management and physical therapy. The pain management doctor informed Richard his symptoms were consistent with the complex regional pain syndrome of the right lower extremity. Lumbar sympathetic block injections were suggested and Richard received two injections. Pain was ongoing and Richard elected to go to a different pain clinic. The physician’s plan at the new pain clinic were to change his pain medications, start Richard on IV lidocaine and proceed with placement of a spinal cord stimulator. Richard did agree with the options and he underwent the placement of a spinal cord stimulator. Following recovery, he started with physical therapy.

Richard contacted Attorney Jim Brady for a case evaluation. Richard’s significant injuries were permanent and he was unable to return to his position. A claim for Social Security Disability benefits was filed and benefits were awarded. Richard received a successful lump sum settlement from the worker’s compensation insurer. Richard also received a so-called third party settlement against the owner of the property where the injury occurred.

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