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Are you looking for a Car Accident Attorney trusted by local victims for three decades? 
Don’t let the unexpected leave you powerless. An auto accident is sudden and unforeseen which leaves you unprepared and frightened. Massachusetts Car Accident Attorney Jim Brady has over 29 years of reassuring experience and is ready to help when you need it most.

When the unexpected happens uncertainty can leave you feeling helpless therefore it’s important to get the support you need right away. Car Accident Attorney Jim Brady and Associates will look out for your best interest and provide the information you need to know, when you need it most.

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    The major roads and highways in Massachusetts such as I-95, I-93, I-90 and Route 128 are overly congested. Drivers who are careless, daydreaming, talking on their cell phone and being reckless make these conditions even more dangerous and prone to mishaps.

    Auto Accident Attorney Jim Brady has handled claims for all types of Boston, MA car accidents on these and other roads. He has helped 1000’s of Massachusetts residents get the maximum settlement they justly deserve.

    If you need an experienced accident lawyer in Massachusetts Jim Brady can help. Jim is dedicated to helping his clients solve their problems efficiently, creatively, and with the highest standards of service and ethics. He has the experience and fortitude to stand by your side and see your case through to victory.

    Dear Jim and Ann,

    Thank you both very much for all your professional assistance with my car accident.
    It allowed me the comfort of healing without having to worry about the legal matters.
    You both certainly brought me great peace of mind.
    — Full Name Withheld to Honor Our Client’s Identity

    Seemingly Minor Injuries Can Be Life Altering

    If you or a loved one have been injured in an auto accident, experience shows you need a seasoned car accident attorney who has taken the insurance companies on to protect your legal rights and get you the compensation you deserve. Injuries which seem minor commonly turn out to be serious and in many cases life altering. Frequently, the insurance companies will try to settle quickly so they can minimize the amount they will pay.

    Car Accident Attorney Jim Brady and Associates will ensure that the scope and severity of your injury is known and understood before he proceeds with your settlement. If a settlement cannot be reached, Jim will take your case to court as he has numerous times for other injured parties and won.

    Jim Brady, an exceptional Massachusetts car accident attorney, has the knowledge, experience and the skill to help you understand your rights and maximize the value of your case.

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