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More people die from medical errors each year than from highway accidents.
Massachusetts Medical Malpractice Attorney Jim Brady is committed to uncovering
the truth and protecting medical patients.

    The truth is, victims of medical malpractice may be entitled to compensation for lost income, the cost of health and personal care along with other damages related to their injuries. Additionally, grieving survivors of medical malpractice victims can also pursue payment for damages in a wrongful death claim. Medical Malpractice Attorney Jim Brady is a Massachusetts attorney who is dedicated to helping his clients solve their problems efficiently, creatively, and with the highest standards of service and ethics.

    A Top Notch Medical Malpractice Attorney
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    Examples of Cases
    Involving Medical Malpractice Include

    • Diagnostic Errors
    • Hospital Errors and Negligence
    • Failure to Diagnose
    • Surgical Errors
    • Failure to Obtain Informed Consent
    • Medication Errors
    • Failure to Timely Treat Injuries or Illnesses
    • Birth Defects and Injuries
    • Failure to Take a Complete Medical History
    • Failure to Refer to a Specialist
    • Misdiagnose



    I needed an attorney who was bright, articulate, knowledgeable, loyal, would fight for me, and believed in me and my case which is why I selected Jim Brady. After a long and difficult trial, the jury found in my favor and I won my case.

    Jim was diligent, tireless, and totally immersed himself into my case and circumstances. He spoke to my friends and family members to obtain information that was critical to my success. He was invested in me and did his homework. He will fight for you with every breath in his being.
    — Full Name Withheld to Honor Our Client’s Identity

    Why Do I Need A Malpractice Attorney?

    If you are a victim of medical mistakes and errors, you already know the truth can be hard to find. Often, doctors and hospitals try to obscure what really happened to protect themselves. But in reality, a mistake is a mistake and if you or a family member becomes a victim to one, you have the right be protected and fairly represented by an experienced lawyer.

    It can be very difficult to understand the complex issues involved in medical care when you or a loved one are ill. That’s when you need someone in your corner that can get you the answers. Medical Malpractice Attorney Jim Brady and Associates understand medical terminology, along with your rights, and can represent you in the pursuit for just compensation.

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