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Seek The Help Of A Social Security Disability Attorney Who Has Won Before

A Social Security Disability Attorney trusted by local victims for more than three decades. If the Social Security Administration has unjustly denied you benefits from a valid claim, Massachusetts Social Security Disability Attorney Jim Brady can sort it out and get you the answers and results you need.

    When Denied Benefits, Don’t Give Up Hope…

    Instead, let Jim’s 30+ years of successful disability claims litigation experience shorten the time you have to manage without the benefits. Let Jim help you get the justice you deserve and the monetary benefits you need. 

    Social Security Disability Attorney Jim Brady gets results. Let him get results for you.

    Jim Brady's Social Security
    Disability Services Include

    • Assist You in Obtaining and Verifying Your Medical Records
    • Complete the Correct Social Security Documents
    • Keep You Fully Updated on the Status of Your Case
    • Inform You of New Developments in a Timely Fashion
    • Get the Evidence Needed to Support Your Case
    • Thoroughly Explain All Decisions & Info Regarding Your Case
    • Advocate on Your Behalf Throughout the Entire Process
    • Attend Hearings and Perform Direct and Cross Examination
    • Explain to the Judge Why You Are Entitled to the Benefits
    • Help You Get What is Rightfully Yours


    WM & EM

    Mr. Brady was compassionate and listened to our issues and concerns. He did not judge us for our fears and clearly explained each step in the legal process and its expected timeline. He was honest and treated us with dignity during a very difficult time in our life. We would recommend Mr. Brady and his staff for any legal matter that his office handles.
    — Full Name Withheld to Honor Our Client’s Identity

    Are You Frustrated Because The Social Security Disability Benefits Process Is Complicated And Confusing?

    It just doesn’t seem right, does it?

    From every paycheck you have ever received, you have paid into the government’s Social Security Disability Insurance program so you could have a reliable income in the event you are ever unable to work due to illness or injury.

    And then it happens…

    At the time when you need help most, the Social Security Administration unjustly denies your valid claim and you’re left with nowhere to go. It’s extremely frustrating. You’re ill or injured and now you have to think about filing an appeal, dealing with mountains of government red tape and a ton of confusing paperwork. Social Security Disability Attorney Jim Brady and Associates have a better solution. Social Security Disability Attorney Brady has helped 1000s of people get the benefits they deserve and achieve outstanding results. He’s been in the trenches for over 29 years and knows first-hand what it takes to win a Social Security Disability case.

    Jim, a trustworthy Social Security Disability Attorney, will advise you of your rights, guide you seamlessly through the process, take on the government offices, expertly prepare your case and see it through to a full hearing (if needed) so you get what is rightfully yours.

    Our Clients Can Expect To Receive


    The Critical Legal Support You Need

    Fully Compensated for Your Loss or Injury

    The Peace of Mind You Deserve

    The Maximum Settlement Available

    What is Rightfully Yours

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